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In partnership with our clients, we carefully analyze strategic objectives, challenges, and all other factors that may impact market outcomes.

Our diagnostic methodology provides the ability to recommend one or more approaches that will greatly enhance decisionmaking with relevant and actionable marketing intelligence.

For internet-enabled brands, where increasing speed to market along with quick access to market information are both essential, we often recommend internet research methods, where appropriate. These methods, in the hands of our experts, are both much faster and frequently far less expensive than traditional means of data collection.

These include:

  • Online Surveys
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Discussion Forums
  • Online Usability Testing
    for software/hardware applications

We have experience with conducting all types of studies online, including Conjoint Analyses, Customer Satisfaction, Segmentation, Attitude, Awareness, & Usage (AAU), Tracking Studies, Advertising and Copy Testing (including Q-sort), Frame-by-Frame Video Tests (ads, film trailers, promos, etc.), and Package Tests.

Our pioneering and extensive experience with online research over 10+ years means we know all the advantages, disadvantages, hazards, and quality-control issues that must be anticipated and managed. If it can be done online, we know how to get it done!

Using our software you will be able to observe and monitor all data collection in real-time, seeing your results as they come in.

If you do not have your own database to sample, we have worked with the largest and most reliable online sample and panel providers and have been successful at locating even the most specialized types of high-quality sample, worldwide. As a full-service provider, we can manage the entire research process from planning to reporting.

Our analytic practice includes sophisticated datamining and predictive modeling capabilities, tailored to your needs, but with fast turnaround and a reporting style that is in "plain English" and immediately available for action.

Finally, you will want to know that unlike many marketing intelligence companies, we don't "dump and run."

We will interpret results in the context of your objectives, recommend a plan of action, and can provide help implementing a strategic plan derived from all relevant information.

Of course, if a project should not be conducted online we will discuss this with you, along with recommended alternatives.

Did you know:
More than half of all surveys conducted
in the U.S. are now done online


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