Selected Whitepapers and Published Articles:

Harris, Cheryl and Chasin, Josh (2006). Media Measurement and the New Traditional. Paper presented at Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) Audience Measurement Symposium, New York, June 2006. Describes views of senior media and research professionals on current needs in media research, successes and failures, and the shifting future of media research in the "convergence era." Of particular note are the signficant differences in the beliefs of research buyers versus research vendors.

Harris, Cheryl (2001). Brand Relationship Equity. Whitepaper.

Harris, Cheryl (1998). Concept and Diagnostic Research for the Web: Lessons Drawn from Case Studies 1995-1998. Paper presented at: ESOMAR "Worldwide Internet Seminar," Paris, January, 1998. This paper is useful for summarizing the potential for online research methods, as well as the risks.

Harris, Cheryl (1997). Developing Online Market Research Methods and Tools, Marketing and Research Today, Vol. 25, #4, November 1997, p. 267-279.

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Internet Advertising Bureau: the industry's leading interactive advertising association. Its activities include evaluating and recommending guidelines and best practices, fielding research to document the effectiveness of interactive media, and educating the advertising industry about the use of interactive advertising and marketing.
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Note: Dr. Harris' 1996 book An Internet Education: How to do Research on the Internet is still in print but is not recommended as a text in planning current online research strategy due to the many changes in methods and available tools since its original publication. Instead, for a comprehensive text on online research methods, see the forthcoming The Essential Handbook for Online Marketing and Advertising Research (early 2007), also by Dr. Cheryl Harris.


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