Our Mission & Client Philosophy

Harris Research Partners is a small consulting firm with the sophisticated practice and technological support normally found only at much larger companies. Our smaller size enables us to assure that client problems receive the personal attention of experienced staff. Long-term relationships with clients are fostered to provide continuity of representation and an understanding of the client’s history and current needs.

The firm's staff may work with each other daily in nearby locations or may be specialists brought in to help us solve a particular problem. We leverage our technology and tools so that we are able to flexibly and seamlessly interact with the entire project team, no matter where they are located. This pooling of expertise and experiences leads to a comprehensive and creative approach to solving problems and meeting client needs. At the same time, the personal attention of the founder, who is always well known to the client and closely involved in each project, is not lost.

Client satisfaction is paramount. If you ever have a problem with our service, we will move mountains to resolve it promptly.

You will also want to know that we adhere to the highest ethical standards established for the practice of online research by the leading industry associations such as the Advertising Research Association (ARF) and the Marketing Research Association (MRA.)


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